€ 22.95 Haircut 

€176.95 Clipper 

€ 39,95 Hot towel shave artistique and cut

CUT AND SHAVE (men only)

Let's face it, a man usually doesn't come for fun at the hair salon.

Everything is often focused on 

women, with colors, foils, etc.

​At Timeless Hairfashion a man is cut and

shaved as it should. OLD-FASHIONED GOOD.

Not just trends, peaks or tufts, but hairstyles that

have proven themselves over the years and timeless

such as the pompadours, flattops, classic contours

and razor fades.

Old-fashioned craftsmanship in  a place where a

man can just be himself for a while without hassle

A real man takes good care of himself!